Parcel Forwarding From Australia

Feb 5, 2021

Karl Lehnert

Australia Products

Have you found a product in Australia you wish to buy but they will not ship it overseas?

With HotSnail, you can shop in Australia like an Aussie and ship to anywhere in the world.

There are various reasons why Australian retailers may not ship directly overseas including:

  • Some shipping providers may not provide the service they require.
  • Distribution rights defined by the manufacturer.
  • Complications around service and warranty for international customers.
  • Local customer focus by the vendor.

This may mean that the product you are looking for is only available in Australia or is cheaper to buy in Australia and ship overseas than to acquire it locally.

You may also find cost savings, if you have multiple products to purchase in Australia from different vendors by having them shipped as a single item overseas.

That is where we come in, you can buy any item in Australia like an Australian would and ship to a local Australian address. We will then redirect the item(s) to you using a selection of the carrier services we have available.

Here at HotSnail, we are confident that you will find our services to be prompt, convenient and very competitively priced.

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