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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I read my mail online?
HotSnail have created an intuitive and familiar website that allows you to view your mail online, very similar to how you would check your web-based email. You can also use our website to manage your mail and update your settings and accounts online.

Can I be notified when I receive snail mail?
Yes, Notifications can be setup online after you login with your username and password.

What if I don’t want my mail opened?
No problem, you can choose what gets scanned, or just forward the mail. Nothing will be opened without your permission.

I will be moving frequently, how can I change my forwarding addresses?
Easy, HotSnail has a forwarding area where you can enter multiple addresses and date ranges, so when planning ahead your mail can follow you wherever you travel.

Can I have a physical address for receiving deliveries?
Yes, we can provide you with a Gold Coast street address upon registration, where you can send deliveries and to use for additional addressing not suitable for PO Boxes. There will always be someone onsite to receive deliveries from between 6am until 5pm Monday to Friday and 6am to 11am on Saturdays, except public holidays.

Do I need a new account for each person in my household?
No, HotSnail allows you to have multiple logins with just one household account. Each person / login can have individual mail handling rules and/or forwarding addresses.

Can anyone else read my mail?
Theoretically your mail could be read at the time of scanning, however workloads mean that mail is processed at such a rate that the operator wouldn’t have time to screen mail. Furthermore if you choose to set an encryption password, then your online mail item is protected (we can’t even access that online document without your password). All our staff undergo background police record checks and sign confidentiality agreements protecting your privacy.

What are the conditions of the Pre-Paid Credit?
Pre-paid credit is non-refundable and expires after 12 months from date of purchase. The minimum top up amount for pre-paid credit is $20.

Can I take it for a test drive before registering?
Sure, please request a demo login and instructional tour from the contact page.

Can items with lithium batteries be shipped?
Lithium batteries and devices containing batteries with any lithium in them have been classified as dangerous goods and are banned from transport via air. We only post with Australia post, so please check Australia Posts website for services available to your destination.

Can you post this, what do you charge for postage, how long will postage take?
HotSnail will only redirect or forward using services from Australia Post, you can access all restrictions, services and pricing from Australia Posts website. HotSnail will always post by regular postage service (without tracking or insurance) unless an upgraded service is specifically requested. For total cost of forwarding, you should add 10% to Australia Post's price, and also the handling charge which corrosponds with your chosen plan at HotSnail Mail Services Pricing Australia

What if I dont want an ID on my address?
For a monthly charge we offer a limmited premium ID-Free address. Alternatively we can organise for you to have your own private PO Box anywhere in Australia. Your mail will be redirected from this PO Box to our address without the need to use an ID code.

Does HotSnail forward parcels internationally?
HotSnail is not a parcel forwarding company and will refuse service to customers attempting to forward international parcels. We will only forward parcels internationally to our loyal customers who have a history of receiving regular postal mail with us. HotSnail reserve the right to open any received parcel, if required, especially if we are receiving it international. Hotsnail works in conjunction with Australian Border Protection.

Can I redirect my mail from my own address to Hotsnail?
Yes, you can use Australia Post’s redirection services to link your own PO box or previous address to HotSnail. For more information about how to setup a redirection to HotSnail via Australia Post, please review our Australia Post Mail Redirection Guide.

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Letters per month 16
Storage Required 100pages
Recommended Plan       Flexi-Freedom
Cost per month* $47.40
* Based on 16 x 4 page letters / month