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Mail Redirection Costs

Pricing & Packages

Plan Pay as you go Flexi-Freedom Volume Saver
Setup Fee $15 $0 $0
Min Contract Term None None None
Monthly Service Charge 0 $25 $40
Per Preview / Envelope Scan* $1 40c 20c
Scan Per Letter $2.50 80c 50c
Scan Per Page 20c 8c 5c
Forward mail* $7 $2.50 $2.00
Forward Parcel* $15 $8 $5
Included Free Secure Storage* 0 100 500
Additional Secure Storage Fee* 10c 5c 5c
Parcel Storage Fee* $10 $5 $5
Shredding 20c Free Free
Additional Accounts* Free $5 $5
Prepaid Yes Yes Yes

*Per Preview / Envelope Scan - Unopened mail only
*Search Fee - Charged if mail does not include ID number in the address
*Forward Mail - per envelope. Multiple letters can be sent in 1 envelope. Does not include price of postage & package charge
*Forward Parcel - Per parcel. Does not include price of postage & package charge
*Secure Storage - Per page / first 30 days free
*Secure Storage Fee - Per page per month
*Parcel Storage - Per item, Per Month. No free storage available for parcels. *Additional Accounts - Monthly charge
Mail items received which do not display a Mail ID will incur $4 search fee
ID-Free Addresses available for an additional monthly charge.
Please note : Pre-paid credit is non-refundable and expires 12 months after date of purchase.


Letters per month 4
Storage Required 0
Recommended Plan       Pay as you go
Cost per month* $13.20
* Based on 4 x 4 page letters / month