Pricing & Plans

Parcel ForwardingPay as you goLightFlexi-Freedom
Setup Fee$0.00$15.00$9.00$0.00
Monthly service charge$0.00$0.00$6.00$25.00
Minimum Mail Deposit*$10.00$50.00$50.00$50.00
ID free addressYesNoNoYes
Per preview / Envelope scan*$3$3$1.2560c
Scan per letterN/A$4$2.50$1.50
Scan per pageN/A50c20c20c
Invoice Removal*FreeFreeFreeFree
Credit expires after90 days365 days365 days365 days
Forwarding (per forward)*excluding postage and packaging
Forward Mail$10.00$7.00$5.00$2.50
Forward Parcel+20% of cost*$15.00$15.00$8.00
Physical Storage (monthly)*Free digital storage
All mail and parcels (<30 days)FreeFreeFreeFree
Free letter storage (>30 days)00010
Small letter (>30 days)$250c50c10c
Medium letter (>30 days)$2$1$120c
Large letter (>30 days)$2$2$250c
Parcel storage fee* (>30 days)$15$10$10$5
*Minimum Mail Deposit goes towards your mail credit which is used for forwarding/scanning ect.
*Per Preview / Envelope Scan - Unopened mail only
*Physical Storage – by weight category / first 30 days free
*Minimum forward parcel fee of $10 on the Parcel Forwarding Plan
*Parcel Storage - Per item, Per Month / first 30 days free
*Mail items received which do not display a Mail ID will incur $4 search fee (PAYG & Light Plan only)
*Invoice removal must be requested
Please note - Pre-paid credit is non-refundable