About HotSnail


A Word from the Directors


HotSnail was created to fill a gap between postal mail and email, and is especially useful for people who are travelling. My father is currently circumnavigating the world in his yacht, and has worked with me extensively to develop this system for himself. After researching the current businesses which provide mail redirection and forwarding, we found that many processes are somewhat basic and require operator interaction and are therefore costly. This brought us to the idea of creating a fully functional website, so people could completely manage their postal mail the same way they login and access their email online.

Our website allows users to perform all functions including scanning, forwarding, storing and shredding at the click of a button. Our customers can also create folders, rename documents and store their mail online like their own personal filing system, which means they don't need to risk taking important documents with them on their trips.

We have gone to great lengths to automate all procedures to ensure privacy, security, reduce manual work and simplify the pricing structure. This has allowed us to offer the service at around half the price of some of our competitors, and with a website that puts us in our own class. Our potential market isn't just for travellers, and we hope that our customers will find it so convenient that they continue using it well after they have finished their trip.




It’s all too common that we accept the way many companies (Bank's/Telco's/ISP's/Supermarket's) profit from our mismanagement of the services they offer but we at HotSnail believe that the responsibility belongs with the company who provides the services. This creates a situation where it’s in the service provider’s best interest to make your life easier.




The very essence of our business is dealing with people’s confidential information, a task which we take very seriously. In fact the scanning procedures we have put in place ensure that our operators don’t see your mail unless you ask us too. Operators sign confidentiality privacy contracts and undergo police record checks as well as large workloads which ensure that screening mail content while scanning just isn’t possible.




HotSnail is an initiative of Digital Blitz which I founded in 1996. We are family run and believe in forming long term relationships with our customers including ethical business policies and implementing low risk strategies.




We are continually developing and improving HotSnail’s services and very soon we will be able to do a lot more for you.

UPDATE : Look out for the HotSnail iPhone optomised website, coming soon!

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