Tip of the Month

Did you know that you can click on your HotSnail item with the right mouse button to active the context menu. This context menu provides you with "Rescan" and "Custom Action" options.

We process a lot of mail on a daily basis and human error can occur, if your not satisfied that the scan quality or part of the scan is cut off or missing pages etc, you can right click the mail item, choose Rescan and put a description of the particular issue of concern. HotSnail will re-scan that mail for you free of charge.

Somtimes you may want to ask or tell us something about a particular piece of mail you have received which is not possible via the common actions available in the website. If you right click and choose custom action, you can send us a request associated with a particular piece of mail. Depending on your request, charges may apply but we will advise you first.





Redirecting Parcels/Purchases

HotSnail provides a redirection service for all mail and parcels received by our customers, however we do not provide a parcel only redirection service.

If you are planning to purchase goods in Australia and require them to be redirected either nationally or internationally then HotSnail will refuse service, unless you are a customer who we have a history of processing mail for.



Posting Lithium Batteries

We have had several inquireys about posting devices which contain lithium batteries like laptops and iPad/iPhones. Any items which contains a lithium battery are classified as dangerous goods by Australia Post and cannot be sent via Air Mail.

If HotSnail receives a package which contains lithium batteries, we can only send it via surface mail which includes road and rail freight and also sea mail. For more information regarding posting Lithium Batteries, please refer to the documentation on Australia Posts website.  This is the current information at the time of posting this article (

Please be aware that Australia Post does not provide a sea mail service to all countries, so special care needs to be taken to ensure your item can be shipped to your destination before it is sent to HotSnail.

HotSnail only provides postage using Australia Post's services, our customers are however are welcome to arrange their own freight services if they wish.


Christmas Sea Mail Boats Leaving Soon!

HotSnail would like to remind its customers wishing to send christmas presents to family and friends overseas not to miss the boat, with deadlines fast approaching for postage via Sea Mail.

Sea Mail is the cheapest way to send larger parcels overseas, and many high tech devices containing lithium batteries can not be sent via Air Mail but people need to plan ahead to take advantage of these features.

The Sea Mail closing date for gifts being sent to the UK is 21st of September, while most of mainland europe is one week later on 28 September.

If you need to send gifts to South America you'll have to prepare even sooner as some deadlines are as early as the 17th of August.

All Sea Mail departs from Sydney, so if you are sending from interstate then time needs to be allowed for its trip to Sydney.

Please consider if your parcel is suitable for postage as some dangerous items cannot be posted, please consult your local post office for more information.

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